Not the bookworm you would have envisioned me to be – school work, YouTube, debating, public speaking, and gossiping all seemed to be fantastic excuses for skipping my usual tea ‘n novel time. Therefore, to motivate myself to read more (really, a lot more), I’ve listed all the books I’ve read since summer 2015 till now. Not bountiful at all, but some books are definitely worth a read.

Stephen King collection 

Skeleton Crew

Four Past Midnight

Full Dark, No Stars

The Dark Half

The Green Mile


Gerald’s Game

Mr. Mercedes

Finders Keepers


Rose Madder

Night Shift


Jeffery Archer Collection

False Impressions

Not a penny more, not a penny less

Honor among thieves

A Prisoner of Birth


The Classics

How to kill a Mockingbird

The Catcher in the Rye

The Trial

Of Mice and Men


Lord of the Flies

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Crime and Punishment (Admittedly, half-finished)

Fahrenheit 451

Slaughterhouse 5




David & Goliath

An Anatomy of Terror

What Money Can Buy

The Case Against Perfection


Miscellaneous (TBC)